As a painter of intimacy, tininess and fugacity, Sarah Galante is seeking for the beauty in simple things.
She marks out those details for which we often don’t take the time to look at. And as we grow, we don’t pay them the attention they would deserve.
Like a child watching over a secret treasure, she collects memories and natural elements and puts them into light in order to make them seeable for us, and to invite us to follow her.
She avoids the aesthetic painting. She even forces us to bow down, to get stuck on the floor, where it is crawling with insects, where the ground is rotting. She tells us to seek for something extraordinairy where we wouldn’t necessarily expect it, until a decayed excrescence becomes an unlikely, but intriguing tangle…
Sarah Galante forces us to return to ourselves, to our phantasmagorial life as a child. It’s there, where we detect the pearls to save them from the danger of being forgotten, scraping off the earth to free those memories of joy and fear – bare emotions.
Her approach might seem heavy with a vital need of transmission and perception. You can feel her urgency to bring back the human being to his essential values.
Each of her creations is an homage hallmarked by respect and humility for every single character of nature, as well as for the human capacity for remembering.
At heart, just like everything and life itself, her work is nothing else but details. For those of us who know how to stop from time to time and consume those details, the own existance has won twice as much flavours and meaning.

Evelyne Hanse